Server Services

Whether your environment comprises of single vendor or a mix of vendors’ technologies, you can rely on us for the specialized experience you need. We deliver industry-leading services through a holistic, uniquely collaborative approach. We work closely with clients to design, build, integrate, manage and evolve solutions for today and tomorrow.

JDS Server Services Include:

  • Deployment Services: Implement industry-standard and business-critical servers rapidly and with minimal business disruption

  • Onsite Services: These include preventive, diagnostic and remedial support

  • Software Support: Complementing your in-house capabilities with end-to-end lifecycle services

  • Proactive Support: Maximizing availability and reducing downtime

  • Migration Services: Accelerating business growth with agility-enhancing next-generation capabilities

  • Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions: Helping you optimize capacity utilization and contain costs

JDS Server Services Partner is: HPE

Our Partners

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