Platform Services

JDS service professionals apply our proven infrastructure expertise to help optimize and support your multi-technology environment for mission-critical applications. Whatever your current operating system, we have the resources, experienced professionals, and global partners to evolve your business into a more efficient, responsive enterprise. Solid relationships with best-in-breed software vendors allow us to be flexible with our choices for your solutions and provide a focused point of accountability that can overcome current and future business problems.

  • UNIX / LINUX Platforms Services: We offer installation, startup services, and technical support and 24x7x365 maintenance contracts services for HP-UX and RedHat

  • Microsoft Platform Services: Microsoft Windows and NET-based solutions are probably a part of your IT infrastructure, Whatever your scenario, the experts at JDS Platform Services have the experience and expertise to help you build the agile, reliable, and cost-effective Windows-based infrastructure environment you need to compete, Our expertise comes from hundreds of Windows and Exchange deployments and a services team that includes the best Microsoft-trained personnel in the region. No one is better qualified to design, build, implement, integrate, manage and support your Microsoft environment - so you can reap cost and productivity benefits with greater speed and confidence, while optimizing the value of your investments

Our Partners

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